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Baby Yale Academy must ensure that all staff have adequate and appropriate training to work with children. The following items are required training for all new employees of the Center:


  • Safe Sleep
  • Licensing rules
  • Special Needs (including Inclusion Policy and general training)
  • Mandated Reporting Training
  • DRDP
  • ASQ Training
  • Any other training deemed necessary for the effectiveness of your job.


Each type of training is described either in other sections of this handbook or information will be provided in separate documents to the employee at the training session. All training listed here will be provided and/or paid for by the Center.


Other Required Documentation

Federal and state law require that Baby Yale Academy have other documentation on file or recorded to ensure that you are eligible to work in the United States and that you are properly qualified for the position. These items can include:


  • Proof of eligibility to work I-9 Form (Driver’s license or other state-issued identification; Social Security card). There are other forms of documentation that you may choose that are listed on the form.
  • Education transcripts


Please note that the above list is not all-inclusive of items which may be required for a new hire to begin work at the Center. The orientation process will require additional documentation, and this will be explained before or during that time.




Every employee, at the time of hire, will be classified as either FULL-TIME or PART-TIME, as well as EXEMPT or NON-EXEMPT. These classifications are not intended as job descriptions; they are used solely to determine benefits and overtime eligibility. In addition, new hires are considered PROVISIONAL employees for the first part of their employment, as described below.


  • Full-Time Employee: A person who is regularly scheduled for at least thirty-five (35) or MORE hours per week. Full-time employees are eligible for full-time benefits described later in this section.


  • Part-Time Employee: A person who is regularly scheduled for LESS THAN thirty-five (35) hours per week. Part-time employees are eligible for part-time benefits described later in this section.


  • Exempt (salary): Employees not eligible to receive overtime pay, whose salary covers all hours worked, regardless of the number of hours required to accomplish all duties of the job as outlined in the job description. Typically, Directors or management staff.


  • Non-Exempt (hourly): Hourly employees eligible to receive overtime pay pursuant to Fair Labor Standards Act. Non-exempt employees are paid for the specific number of hours worked to complete their job as outlined in the job description.


Provisional Status

All employees will be considered provisional for up to 6 months from date of hire in a new position. During the Provisional Period, Baby Yale Academy will evaluate the provisional employee’s performance to determine if she or he meets the standards set by BYA as outlined by both the job description and this handbook.


The provisional period may be extended up to 30 days, by approval of the Director and only where it is deemed necessary and appropriate. In all cases of requests to extend an employee’s provisional period, the Center Director will provide a performance appraisal and the reason for extension, and the length of extension that is recommended. Requests for extension cannot be submitted after the provisional period concludes.


Upon successful completion of the provisional period, the Director will recommend whether the provisional employee should be retained. The recommendation will be accompanied by a completed final provisional performance appraisal. Upon approval, the employee will enter regular employment status and thereby will be deemed eligible for those benefits provided to regular employees of the same classification.


Should the provisional employee not be recommended for regular status, the employee will be terminated no later than the last day of the provisional period or any extension thereof.


Employment may be terminated at any time during the provisional period with or without cause.


Job Descriptions

Baby Yale Academy currently has other primary positions, aside from the Director, with duties and responsibilities assigned to each. Employees will receive copies of, and will be expected to be familiar with, their individual job descriptions. Please note that the responsibilities assigned to each position are not all-inclusive, and other duties appropriate to the position may be required. Full job descriptions are included in the Appendix of this handbook.




Baby Yale Academy strives to compensate employees at a fair level reflecting the relative demands, requirements, and qualification of the position assigned.



BYA pays its employees on the 15th and the 30th—this is known as the semi-monthly pay terms.  BYA utilizes ADP payroll to process the payroll.  You will receive your W2’s from ADP through BYA.  They can also be mailed to you therefore; it is incumbent upon you to ensure that we always have your current address.


Overpayment – you must immediately notify us if you were overpaid.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken if you were aware of the overpayment and failed to report it.


Underpayment – you must immediately notify us, in writing, if you were underpaid.  We will correct the payment and provide you with an additional check or you can have the funds added to your following paycheck.


If and when Baby Yale Academy discovers overpayment and/or underpayment we  will inform you of this issue in writing.  If overpayment has occurred, the company will inform you of the details of how the overpayment occurred, and the company is obligated to receive the overpayment of funds from the employee.  If you fail to return the overpaid funds, you can be subjected to disciplinary actions and a collection agency.


Time Clock

Every staff member must utilize the time clock for clocking in and out of work that ADP provides.  You must clock in on our premises – not in the parking lot or nearby surroundings.  We run the report indicating where the clock-ins have occurred.  If you are outside of the stipulated areas, you will subject yourself to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination.  In addition, to the clock system, you must complete the paper time sheet as well.  You must clock in at your starting time—not before your starting time and you must clock out at the end of your shift.  It is against the company’s policy for anyone other than you to clock in for you.  Failure to adhere to this policy can and will lead to termination.  You must clock in/out for your lunch break.  It is against the company’s policy for any staff member to write in a time for any reason.  This can only be done by the Director at the time of the incident.  Nevertheless, this must not become a regular occurrence.

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