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It is our policy to promptly notify parents of children who become ill while in our care.  The children will be isolated according to licensing standards and parent or legal guardian notified to promptly pick up the child.  Only well children, free from illness for at least 24 hours will be admitted.  If parents fail to promptly pick-up their child, they will be assessed a late fee.


In cases of serious injury, we will make prompt arrangements for obtaining medical treatment for any child if necessary.  We shall obtain emergency medical treatment without specific instructions from the child’s authorized if the authorized representative cannot be reached immediately; or if the nature of the child’s illness or injury is such that there should be no delay in getting medical treatment for the child.  We will utilize the signed consent form for emergency medical treatment.


There is a first aid supply in each classroom as well as a Bloodborne Pathogen/Bodily Fluid Spill Kit.


All prescription and nonprescription medications are centrally stored and is inaccessible to children.  Each container has an unaltered label and for those medications that requires refrigeration are kept in a locked box in the refrigerator.  Only Directors can administer medication.  The Director will ensure that a written approval for administering the medication is obtain from the parent ensuring that the instructions from the child’s authorized representative does not conflict with the label directions as prescribed by the child’s physician.


Baby Yale Academy conducts daily inspections for illness, provides isolation for illnesses and conducts observation of the child to ensure that the behavior and health of the children is continually observed throughout the period of attendance – please see Operating Manual.  For further instructions, please see the Operating Manuel and/or Title 22.


Request for Employee related information

All requests for employee related information must be made in writing to the Center.  Please allow at least 2 weeks’ time for the information.


Workplace Injury/Reporting

Workers who believe they were injured on the job, must immediately report the injury to their Supervisor and must complete the Incident/Injury Reporting Form and provide this completed form to your Supervisor.  The Supervisor should provide you with a copy or you may request a copy of the completed form.  In the event, the worker was unable to complete the form due to the severity of the injury, they must complete it as soon as practical.


There are strict guidelines that we must following according to California law.  Therefore, you must report your injury immediately.  You will be provided a Form DWC1 – Workers’ Compensation Claim Form and Notice of Potential Eligibility form.  You must complete the employee section of the form DWC1 and return it to us.  We will complete the processing of the form and other related forms as required.


In the event you become the victim of a crime while on our premises, we must provide you a written notice within one day of the crime, stating that you are eligible for benefits resulting from physical and psychiatric injuries.


How to obtain appropriate medical care for job-related injuries;

Baby Yale Academy as a medical provider network (MPN) through The Hartford


  • You can contact the company’s insured:
    The Hartford company


Email:  www.thehartford.com


Since we have an MPN you can ask to switch doctors at least twice, but the second and third doctors must be from the MPN.  This is true even if you’ve been seeing your predesignated personal physician.  If you still disagree with the 3rd doctor’s opinion, you can submit an application for an “independent medical review” with an impartial medical profession.

The role and function of the primary treating physician:

They are primarily responsible for managing the care of the injured worker.  They examine the worker for the purpose of rendering or prescribing treatment and has monitored the effect of the treatment thereafter.  They are responsible for obtaining all the reports of secondary physicians and incorporate all reports or comment upon the findings and opinions of the other physicians


How to obtain and submit the form the employee  must use to notify the employer he or she wants to use a personal physician.


You may obtain from the California Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC Form 9783) to make your predestination.



Pre-designation Form


This completed form entitles me to see my own doctor on record in the event I am injured on the job.


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