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a toddler playing lego toysParents and legal guardians will need to enroll their children in the program and will be required to sign an Admissions Contract. Here are the programs we currently have in place:

  • Infant Program. Suitable for children ages 6 weeks to 12 months. It strengthens the infant’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. Infants will have their very own crib in a surrounding designed to make the infant feel at home. Each area’s personalized with their family’s photos to ensure the infant feels their families’ presence at all times.
  • Preparatory (Prep) Program. Prepares the student for the world around them and develops their cognitive, physical, social, language and motor skills. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of learning.
  • Preschool Program. Encourages the student to develop and expand their knowledge from practical life and sensorial experiences. The student will grow and learn with confidence.
  • TK/K Program. Designed to stimulate curiosity and excitement in learning—creating self-esteem. The student will gain independence, coordination and life-long learning.
  • School Age (Before and After Care). Let’s make those extra hours before and after school more meaningful and productive. We have recreational and enrichment activities designed to keep school-aged kids learning even outside the school.

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. At Baby Yale Academy, we provide learning experiences in 4 areas:

  • Critical Thinking
    • thinking about problems in a various ways
    • Solving Problems
    • Analysis and Comparisons
  • Communication
    • sharing thoughts/ideas
    • Discussing and evaluating ideas
    • Listening to others
  • Collaboration
    • working together
    • Team work
  • Creativity
    • new ways to accomplish tasks
    • brainstorming ideas
    • use others suggestions

You may see our students conducting STEMs projects and having fun at the same time. They have learned what happens when an egg is submerged in vinegar. They have conducted a Water Cycle experiment or completed a blocks blueprint and so much more.

Enroll your child now! If you have other questions, you can Set An Appointment or call us at 925-308-7693.

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